China 's largest car model modeling platform completed



China 's largest car model modeling platform completed

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2016-01-21 04:27
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Following the API in the measurement to help the Beijing Automotive Research and Development Institute and the Great Wall Hover R & D Institute built a 24-meter modeling platform, by the end of 20

  At the beginning of the new year, a well-known company in Beijing, the country's largest car model modeling platform completed delivery. The platform is built by API.

  The modeling platform up to 40 meters, a platform placed more than measuring machine and milling machine, you can simultaneously 5 to 6 vehicle model development and modification; both display and review function. Its length (size) in the country called second to none.

  In recent years, China's auto industry in response to the country put forward the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, "R & D modeling equipment to upgrade and upgrade; and API as a modeling platform for suppliers, but also actively into the domestic auto industry services In the help of China's auto industry to enhance product design and research and development capabilities, to get rid of foreign hardware manufacturers of various constraints and continuous efforts.

  Following the API in the measurement to help the Beijing Automotive Research and Development Institute and the Great Wall Hover R & D Institute built a 24-meter modeling platform, by the end of 2015 and in Beijing to undertake a well-known company 40 meters modeling platform project, and in 2016 after the successful completion of New Year's Day use.

  Here, I wish the automotive industry ushered in a bright spring, I also hope that the API can take the country to encourage scientific and technological innovation to encourage independent innovation of the spring, the wind and waves, another success!

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