Horizontal arm coordinate measuring& marking machine model A


Horizontal arm coordinate measuring& marking machine model A

应用领域  单臂三维测量划线机A型     CHXY系列产品既能有效完成复杂零部件、模型的三维空间测量、测绘,又可替代方箱、划针、高度尺进行划线检测。尤其适用于工业生产现场对超大型覆盖件、复杂构件等的多方位测量划线,以及汽车摩托车行业的造型设计工作。    ◆选用高IP防护等级的精密位移传感器,确保满足现场使用环境。    ◆立柱、水平臂采用高强度轻质铝合金材料,并经自然及人工时效,以及深阳极化处
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Product parameters

The model A has the advantages of light weight, flexible movement, fast installation, it is suitable for on-site production and inspection.

Horizontal arm coordinate measuring& marking machine model A

CHXY series products can not only complete the thee-dimensional size measurement , mapping for the complicated parts and models , but can also substitute square box, marking scriber and height gauge for marking out and measuring . These products are especially applied to the Multidimensional measurement and marking out on the large casting body , complicated welding components and deep-hole cavity parts as well as applied to the model-design work of the automobile & motorcycle industry.

◆ Using the high-IP protection grade precision displacement sensor, it is especially suitable the application on the site.

◆ The vertical post and cantilever are made of high strength aluminium alloy. With the special process treating of vibration aging and hard anodizing, the quality of unit stability, wearability and legerity is guaranteed. The hard aluminium alloy is applied to the magnetic scale sensor system, to prevent  loss of magnetic field caused by iron and steel.

◆ The Y-axis adopts the steel auxiliary regulating core stick. It makes the cantilever more rigid and effectively eliminates the deflection distorted of Y-axis.

◆ The three coordinate value can be displayed in real time on the controller’s screen.

◆ With the special purpose linear guide rail for guide way of X-axis. There are many advantages, for example, small coefficient of friction, high precision, easy installation and maintaining, holding accuracy at long time, and so on.

◆ With standard marking-head and needle kits, matching the marking and measuring application.







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