Steering Horizontal arm Coordinate Marking Machine


Steering Horizontal arm Coordinate Marking Machine

该划线机不同于普通划线机,普通划线机的主机长度方向只能在固定的方向来回移动。可转向式单臂三维划机配合特定的开槽工作平台,可在平台上有定位槽的地方,横向或纵向运动到平台的任意位置。因此只需一台主机,即可完成对各种复杂的超大超宽型工件四个立面的划线。 ◆特殊的X轴导向机构,使转向异常简单,移动轻便。◆选用高IP防护等级的精密位移传感器,确保满足现场使用环境。◆立柱、水平臂采用高强度轻质铝合金材料,操作
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This machine is different from the common machine which can only move in a regular guide way. With the specific guide mechanism, it can be moved anywhere along the slot on the platform. Consequently, just configuring a mainframe, it can complete marking and measuring around the surface of all kinds of complicated super large and wide- workpiece.

◆ With special guide mechanism, the steering is extremely simple, and the movement is handy.

◆ With the high-IP protection grade to the precision displacement transducer, it is especially suitable to application on the site.

◆ The vertical post and cantilever are made of high strength aluminium alloy. With the special process treating of vibration aging and strong horniness anodization, the quality of unit stability, wearability and legerity is guaranteed. The hard aluminium alloy is applied to the magnetic grid sensor system, stopping the field loss caused by iron and steel.

◆ Y-direction uses the centre steel sustaining and trimming anstructure. It makes the cantilever more rigid and effectively eliminates the deflection distorted of Y-direction.

◆ Three axis’s coordination display for the real-time observation.

◆ With the scratch awl part to meeting the convenient need for marking and measuring.

Steering Horizontal arm Coordinate Marking Machine



Easy operation, stable work, anti-friction





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