Clay model milling machine model I


Clay model milling machine model I

产品描述   CQY-I系列轻型油泥模型切削机是集三维测量、切削、扫描为一体,将电动测量与数控加工有机融为一体,具有世界先进水平和填补国内空白的新型多功能机。产品主要适用于各大汽车车身设计制作企业及其它大专院校的汽车系以及专业从事模型开发的团体,满足其设计模型的快速制作、检测和反求,加快其新产品开发速度,是一种具有极高性价比的产品。◆能方便地将数模文件通过UG、PRO/E、POWERMILL等CA
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CQY-I milling machine, combined with three coordinates measuring, cutting and scribing, and integrated with power-driven measuring and digital control processing is a world advanced and multi-functional, which has filled the blank in the related field domestically. It’s mainly applicable to auto body design and manufacturing industries, departments of automobile at universities and colleges, and moulds developing teams to meet the requirements of fast making and testing during the moulds design for new products development. It’s an extremely high cost performance product.

◆ Digifax files can be programmed as G code conveniently through CAM software like UG, Pro/E, Powermill so the numerical control cutting of the elastomers as oil sludge and core making is easy to carry out.

◆ The flexible adjusting of cutter’s angle can meet the demand of multi-azimuth of axis during the processing.

◆ The totally enclosed dust-proof structure is proper for the particular environment.

◆ The combination of single-point triggering and digital imaging technology can facilitate the data collection and reverse design for work piece.


Clay model milling machine model I





Application:Automobile body design and manufacture enterprise, university Department of Automotive Engineering etc.




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