Portable 3D Laser Scanner


Portable 3D Laser Scanner

应用领域 便携式三维激光扫描仪便携式三坐标测量机一一柔性测量臂 API公司最新测量产品AXXIS是一个能让许多复杂测量工程变简单的柔性测量臂,设计成为便携式三坐标测量机能让直接在工作平台上使用,并轻松采点和扫描平面。AXXIS柔性测量臂在测量、数字化、检测、原型、逆向工程、或是在其他需要检测三维坐标等领域是一个完美的产品。当传统沉重的三坐标测量机还在要求训练有素的操作的时候,轻巧的AXXIS柔性测
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Product parameters

Portable coordinate measuring machine - flexible measuring arm
 API's latest measurement product AXXIS is a flexible measuring arm that allows many complex measurement works to become simple, designed as a portable coordinate measuring machine for direct use on the working platform and easy mining and scanning of the plane.
AXXIS flexible measuring arm is a perfect product in the fields of measurement, digitization, detection, prototyping, reverse engineering, or other areas where it is necessary to detect three-dimensional coordinates. When the traditional heavy coordinate measuring machine is still demanding training when the lightweight AXXIS flexible measuring arm to reflect the user is a few hours can easily grasp the advantages of use, and its heavy parts Moved to the heavy traditional mountain coordinate measuring machine to measure, why not move the lightweight AXXIS to the side of the heavy parts to complete the measurement?

High quality components
A high-quality instrument is made of high-quality components. Each AXXIS flexible measuring arm is made of durable carbon fiber, titanium alloy connector also makes it extremely stable, impact-resistant plastic shell can effectively prevent the key components were accidentally damaged.

Easy to operate, easy to use
AXXIS flexible measurement arm of the human design makes both in the installation or operation are very simple, for you to significantly reduce the cost of personnel training. Connected to the PC can be wireless Bluetooth adapter or use the USB port, all points of data and software commands can be measured on the head of the three buttons or optional feet to control, no external control box, just turn on the power switch machine Standby.
Excellent portable performance

Compared to other difficult to measure the arm, AXXIS flexible measuring arm internal adjustable balance system so that each user can easily find a place to make their own feel appropriate. In addition to this, AXXIS unique base and the various joints can be unlimited rotation of the features allow you to quickly and easily in any need to measure the use of places.

Excellent scanning function
The AXXIS-Scan system can be used to measure the surface in detail, with thousands of speeds per second to get huge cloud data.



Portable 3D Laser Scanner



API's latest measurement product AXXIS is a flexible measuring arm that allows many complex measurement works to become simple.

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