China's largest car model modeling platform completed


At the beginning of the new year, the largest car model modeling platform in China was completed and delivered to a well-known company in Beijing. The platform was built by API China Testing Corporation

The modeling platform is 40 meters long, and several measuring machines and milling machines are placed on one platform, which can simultaneously develop and modify 5~6 vehicle models; It has both display and review functions. Its length (scale) is second to none in China

In recent years, China's automobile industry has responded to the national proposal of "; Implement the innovation driven development strategy”, Continuous transformation and upgrading of R&D modeling equipment; As a supplier of the modeling platform, API CTI is also actively engaged in serving the domestic automobile industry, helping to improve the product design and R&D capability of the automobile industry in China, and making constant efforts to get rid of various constraints from foreign hardware manufacturers

After API CSIC assisted BAIC Motor Research and Development Institute and Great Wall Haval Research and Development Institute in building a 24 meter modeling platform, it undertook a 40 meter modeling platform project of a well-known company in Beijing at the end of 2015, which was successfully completed and put into use after New Year's Day in 2016

Here, I wish China's automobile industry a bright spring, and I also wish API Zhongmenseng to ride the spring breeze of encouraging scientific and technological innovation and independent innovation, ride the wind and waves, and create another good performance

key word: China's largest car model modeling platform completed