API: Application technology for laser trackers to measure diving clocks in shipyards


Project background:

In the process of a shipyard's overseas market development, the foreign shipowner purchased a diving bell with advanced performance, so higher requirements are put forward for the installation accuracy of the diving bell's traveling track and lifting pulley. The traditional methods cannot meet the accuracy requirements of the measurement. The use of laser tracker not only ensures the measurement accuracy, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the measurement

The person in charge of the diving bell measurement project told us that before they knew about the laser tracker, they used traditional methods: theodolite and ruler, which were not only inefficient, but also required a lot of manpower and material resources

Measurement difficulties:

First, measuring space:

The coordinate system of the whole diving chamber is composed of three planes, namely horizontal datum plane, horizontal datum plane and longitudinal datum plane, and the datum holes for establishing these planes are located on the bottom plate and steel structure respectively; During the measurement, the reference hole, diving bell traveling track and lifting pulley must be measured by erecting a frame. However, due to the limitation of the measurement principle of the laser tracker, these obstructions add a lot of trouble to the whole measurement process

Second, the measurement environment:

The temperature of the whole cabin is very high, there are few ventilated places, and the whole ship is at the seaside, with a large temperature difference in the morning and evening, as well as real-time swing, which also virtually increases the difficulty of measurement


Because the API laser tracker is small and convenient, easy to move, and has excellent accuracy and stability, it solves the problem of small space. API application engineers have set some reference points in the measurement process, which is convenient for the laser tracker on the one hand; On the other hand, it can monitor the change of instrument position caused by vibration and human factors. In addition, the tracker's own environmental monitoring system minimizes the loss of instrument accuracy caused by environmental factors

The traditional measurement method is to measure first, then adjust, and then measure, which is time-consuming and laborious. Now, with the powerful dynamic performance of the API laser tracker, engineers can adjust the track while measuring according to the value of the computer screen, which not only improves efficiency, but also saves manpower and material resources

At the same time, during the measurement process, the API service team can also provide different measurement methods according to different on-site environments, measurement needs and accuracy needs. It is worth mentioning that since the positions where the benchmark is established are all sample punching holes, the target ball cannot be directly measured. API engineers solved the problem of hidden point measurement by using a wealth of measurement accessories (such as point measurement pedestal) and Intelliprobe360 intelligent probe (or vProbe wireless intelligent probe) that can facilitate the measurement of hidden points


With the efforts of API engineers and the active cooperation of the shipyard staff, the survey tasks that used to take more than half a month or even a month to complete successfully passed the shipowner's acceptance in only one week

About the author:

Huang Zn, an application engineer of API Company, has successfully completed measurement or demonstration tasks in shipyards, power plants, automobile plants, aviation manufacturers, and heavy industry manufacturers for many times. He has rich measurement experience and has been unanimously recognized by users

About API:

American Automatic Precision Engineering Company (API Company) was founded by Dr. Liu Jinchao in 1987 on the basis of proprietary technology. Its headquarters are located in Rockwell City, Maryland, USA. Since its establishment, API has always been committed to the R&D and production of precision measuring instruments and high-performance sensors in the field of mechanical manufacturing. Its products have been widely used in the advanced manufacturing fields in the United States and countries around the world, and it is in a leading position in terms of high-precision standards for coordinate measurement and machine tool performance testing. API Company has a team of experienced and competent engineers, who constantly develop advanced innovative products to meet the needs of rapidly developing industrial technology. API is an active participant and key technology partner in many projects of the US federal government, enterprises and scientific research. Its achievements so far have made it enjoy a high reputation in the field of international precision measurement

key word: API: Application technology for laser trackers to measure diving clocks in shipyards